Mother’s Day Testimony

When I was a kid, I would sometimes help my sister with her homework.

Last night, as I was thinking about what I was going to say today, I thought:
My sister would have a good childhood memory that would fit.
I’m so grateful that I called her. She remembers as a teenager she would go to my Mom with things that she was worrying about and my Mom would say:
Pray about it.
Give it to God.
And when you are a teenager that is the last thing you want to hear.
You want an answer.
You expect that your parents will have all the answers.
So, in that moment to hear:
“pray about it”
You feel frustrated and annoyed.
Fast forward to today and my sister and I both have kids of our own,
We thank God for a Mom who prayed,
Who taught us to pray and trust God.
And to this day she prays for us.
I’m proud of my sister. She is a great mother.
I wish she could have been up here today to deliver this testimony to you.
She is so much more articulate than me.
Her four year old daughter is more articulate than most people.
My mom taught us faith and trust
and at the same time
She taught us unconditional love.
She lived Jesus’ example.
My mom’s love for me was always unconditional.
Even on the rare occasion when I needed discipline or correction,
she would do so with love.
This characteristic of unconditional love has shaped my relationships with other people
and it has also shaped my role as a father
I hope and pray that I can be an example to my kids.
The example of Jesus that my mom showed us.
Today we celebrate mother’s and at the same time we celebrate the mother’s who shape the mothers and fathers of the next generation.
Happy Mother’s day friends.
Thank you.

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