Great is your faithfulness!

I was hanging out with Toby this morning and I started singing “Tu Fildelidad”, which is a song in Spanish meaning “Your Faithfulness.” It is a song we sang often in Honduras, and I especially liked singing it to Toby in the womb while in Honduras and when we got back. It got me thinking about the meaning of the song and how great God’s faithfulness has been to me and Patty and Toby. I was in tears by the end, filled with the emotions that I am slowly letting out regarding this whole journey with Toby. I am so grateful to God for his provisions. He has blessed his servants greatly. I love Toby’s mama and Toby so much. Nobody knows what this year will bring, but every moment is a blessing. “Your faithfulness is beyond compare.”

“Tu fidelidad es grande
Tu fidelidad incomparable es
Nadie como tú, bendito Dios
Grande es tu fidelidad

Your faithfulness to me, is awesome
Your faithfulness to me, I could never doubt
I will place my faith in you, my Lord
Great, is your faithfulness to me

Your faithfulness is great Lord
Your faithfulness is incomparable
There is no one like you, blessed Savior
Lord, great is your faithfulness

Your faithfulness is great
Your faithfulness incomparable is
No one like you, blessed God
Great is your faithfulness”

Lyrics and translations from

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