Hands on Health by Paula Youmell

Paula is one of the best whole food / whole health mentors that I have ever had. Her perspective on food and whole health has changed my life. I am more at peace with my food and health decisions than I ever was. Growing up I was a bottomless pit. I ate anything and I much as I wanted. I was young and active, so I stayed in good health. Only after years of graduate school and letting up on being so active did my “see food” diet catch up with me.

My first encounter with Paula was at a legume cooking class, then later a whole food baking class. My wife and I later met with her in person after winning a free class with her. Eating well and being healthy has never tasted so good. I don’t believe in diets, but instead in life style changes. Choosing whole health wasn’t giving up anything, but instead seeking the whole in everything (food, health, and life).

This is really a great book and a summary of Paula’s whole health philosophy. Much of the content I’ve pick up in person from her, but the parts that I hadn’t heard were really quite great too. I joked with Paula that a subtitle for the book could be “Losing 15 pounds the hard way”. One of the chapters should be called “Butter”.

Please pick up a copy of this book either in physical or electronic (e-book) form. It’ll change your life. It changed mine.

Details here: http://www.handsonhealthhh.com/BOOK_Info.html

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